Research group for Game AI

For international students

To join our lab, please choose system (primary since April 2011) or iii/gsii for your master or PhD program.

In either course, the primary language is Japanese in most lectures while you can use English for research activities. Also, your research activities inside our lab do not depend on your course.

  • master program: you are encouraged to have mastered (some of) famous textbooks in math and machine learning; MML, Reinforcement Learning, PML). Please see our studies as well as reading list for famous papers in related research topics. Also, if you are fluent in Japanese, I’d suggest the video by Prof. Rekimoto to understand how (academic) research activities are different from lectures, labor, or software development.
  • PhD program: you are expected to have sufficient research experience (e.g., published paper in international conferences or journals). Please contact us in advance.

Research students

Unfortunately, due to resource limitation, we do not accept research students except for very special cases (e.g., MEXT scholarship), in recent years. Please contact us before official application in such cases.